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Feedback From Recent Exhibitors/Attendees

From Exhibitors:

>"There are several EMC Shows around the year but this one is very special. It brings out the design and test engineers who are actually working on product design."

>"This is the best of the tabletop shows we attend... Henry Ott lectures bring attendees from all over the US so it's a great show."

>"This was a great show."

>"More cost-effective along with a broader audience."

>"We felt this event was well organized and generated solid interest and leads."

>"As always, the event brings quality potential customers in a small setting. One of the best ones yet."

>"Well organized, well focused, high quality."

>"Your events are always top-notch. It's great to get involved with customer requirements and help solve their problems. We'll continue to be at your seminars.. as long as you'll have us."

>"Eating lunch with the attendees, was a great way to interact."

From Attendees:

>"Very well organized."

>"More would have been even better."

Exhibit Day

CO 2012 exhibitors 2
> Attendees 

Explore EMI Solutions!

On Wednesday we welcome a small group of EMC companies who will exhibit their products and services. During breakfast, morning and afternoon breaks, and an extended lunch, course attendees will have time to visit exhibitors' displays and connect with some of the industry's top suppliers, including: test laboratories, test equipment companies, and component manufacturers. After Wednesday's technical session, join us for an Exhibitor 2012 CO exhibitors 1Reception w2012 CO exhibitors 3here you will enjoy food, drinks, and prize drawings sponsored by Henry Ott Consultants, In Compliance Magazine, and participating exhibitors/sponsors.

Exhibitor Day is an opportunity for course attendees to learn more about leading EMC companies in a relaxed setting. You'll leave with valuable information, new connections, and maybe even win a prize!

See you the


Connect with a select group of EMC-minded professionals. If your company would like more information about exhibiting at Henry Ott's next Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering Seminar, please contact Sharon Smith at In Compliance Magazine for details (see below for contact information).
2012 CO exhibitors 4
Please join us: A limited number of tabletop booths are available. Each exhibitor is also entitled to have a full-page ad in the EMC binder given to all the seminar attendees. Attendees keep their binder, containing the course notes, on their bookshelves virtually indefinitely. Your ad will, therefore, always be readily accessible to them. Many of our exhibitors are repeat exhibitors, so they have found this opportunity to be rewarding.


Can't make it as an exhibitor? You can still have your ad included as part of Henry Ott's Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering Seminar binder at a very nominal cost; contact Sharon Smith for details on sponsorship (see below for contact information). Experience has shown that seminar attendees keep their binder, containing the course notes, on their bookshelves virtually indefinitely. Your ad will, therefore, always be readily accessible to them.

Potential exhibitors/sponsors: For more information about exhibiting or being a sponsor, contact Sharon Smith (sharon.smith@incompliancemag.com or 978-873-7722).

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